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Examples of the usage

Important:On the personal COMPUTER the <>Internet Explorer версии 6.0 must be set.

In these examples you can sign a document and perform a verification of digital signature. For work with cryptographic service provider (CSP) you must have installed CAPICOM library from Microsoft. This library is signed by a producer in accordance with the policy of distribution software products. You can get it on this site or on manufacturer's site.
(NOTE.   While you'll be loading CAPICOM from the Microsoft site the license of Your operation system will be checked up)

Examples of usage of X.509 certificates produced by the "CEZARIS" Complex

1. Viewing CSP's list on computer:

You can revise the list of cryptographic service providers (CSP) which are installed on Your computer. Also you will get information about cryptographic algorithms of enciphering, signature and hash-functions and Your certificates (if they are) which are supported by each CSP.

2. Sign the HTML form

Example of usage of certificates for signing and for verification of Digital Signature directly on HTML page. This page uses the general-purpose interface of Microsoft CAPICOM for work with CSP.

3.IPSec (VPN)

Creating virtual private network (VPN) based on the digital certificates Х.509 and protocol IPSec.

4.Payment order signing

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