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Our profile

- security of information.


The main feature of the company is professionalism which is based on the high competence of all employees. The basic value of every employee is their ability to offer a unique solution for non-standard practical problems and tasks in the shortest possible time.

Our aim is a world leader in development and implementation of PKI technologies and electronic Government. We have a realistic plan and real results of its realization.(Analytics [in Ukranian language])

Yesterday - we completed the first stage of our plan - we are the best in Ukraine. Deeds speak louder than words! Today - we are competing for the leadership on the territory of SNG (the Commonwealth of Independent States). Tomorrow - we will compete for the leadership in Europe. And on the day after tomorrow we will reach our aim!

The Company employs 8 Full Members of ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association), several leading Ukrainian specialists on bank information security, analysts, experts in cryptography and programmers.

Main project groups

Protection and encryption systems development and implementation using both European (international) and national standards (including Russian standards). Reliable tools of digital signature development and implementation (according to the requirements of EC Directive 1999/93/EC) with application of smart cards, USB eToken, HSM etc.

Certification Authority development and implementation (the PKI systems . Public Key Infrastructure) according to national and European (international) standards. In particular, to the standards of European Community (European Telecommunications Standards Institute, ETSI), CEN/ISSS (Committee European de Normalisation / Information Society Standardisation System), ECBS (European Committee for Banking Standards); as well as standards of ISO (International Organization for Standardization), RFC (Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Request for Comments); PKI Identrus standards (The PKI standard of European Union is intended for financial systems and used in a number of governmental agencies of the USA, including the US Department of Defense) etc.

Protection systems design for processing financial transactions applying information protection systems. Development eBanking, iBanking, B2B protected applications and others. Security standards profiles and applications protection for the projects of the eGovernment, eCustoms, ePassport, eID - European electronic identity.

Development and implementation of datacom protection systems (clients and the VPN crypto gateway . Virtual Private Network) and hardware-software systems of protected datacom based on PKI.

IS audit of different complication, evaluation of these systems in accordance to information security standards, including financial and state organizations.

Participating as experts in investigation of unlawful and fraud cases using information technologies.

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