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IT Developments

"Bank portal"

Development and Introduction of Integrated Solutions on the Basis of Reliable Processing Standards and Information Protection as the Main Body of Bank Operations

The Objective of an integrated bank system is to provide bank products and services meeting the requirements of the NBU, international payment systems, and recommendations of the Basel Committee of Banking Supervision, as well as international, the EU and security standards, on the basis of up-to-date information technologies.

The automated system is being developed on an up-to-date technological level with the regard for the experience of bank staff, contemporary program development methods, bank procedures standardization under the common ideology of bank functioning (model projecting).

A number of modules are realized in the system, among which are as follows:

- a payment system for a multidivisional bank for fulfillment of payments of bank divisions via a central payment department (in the head office) and interaction with other banks in the mode of correspondence accounts

- a clearing payment center;

- retail-system processing (for local and international systems);

a module containing a complete range of financial tools, facilities for back and back-back bank offices, interactions with other organizations, stock-exchange systems, inter-bank transfer systems, retail banking (service to physical bodies) in a centralized registration system, management and customer service.

- a universal system of innovative protection of electronic payments with application of procedures and mediums, recommended as secure ones for financial systems and taxes procedures;

and other modules of bank products and services, analysis and bank activity management.

(examples of applications for a bank system)

"Auction" System

A protected System for conducting electronic auctions and tenders. It is one of stock-exchange systems. On the basis of stock-exchange modules, it is possible to realize a protected system for conducting electronic auctions and tenders applying processing technologies and technologies for keeping record of electronic documents, responsibilities, and propositions.

"Electronic Trade"

Systems of electronic trade and service systems on the basis of processing with application of card technologies, international standards and protection means.

The system is realized with accordance to requirements of international payment systems (3D secure) and processing certification for these purposes, requirements to realization of information security systems, WEB-technologies and communicational means application, etc.

"Logistic", an Automated System for Enterprise Management (ASEM)

The ASEM "Logistic" is designed for automation of manufacturing and trading activity of industrial enterprises and organizations in spheres of retailing and wholesaling. The "Logistic" system is a centralized system of management and financial-logistic support of an enterprise. The main part of the system is a program module of stock management, which monitors the whole production cycle and its consecutive stage ranging from ordering from a supplier to selling to a customer. Simultaneously it supports the process of issuing necessary documentation. The system's functionality, however, is much wider than just stock management. The system contains three basic functional modules:

- Stock-taking module

- Business accounting and payments;

- Management module

The Internet-system B2B, a special separate module of the system, is a means of functioning and interaction with suppliers and contractors through a "common window". The system is architecturally composed as a three-level model (client - server of addendums - data base server) on the basis of WEB-technologies.

In the system the following functions are fulfilled: modeling manufacturing processes regarding the inventory holdings ranging from a simple integration to complex production cycles; un-liquidated products and purchase management; goods sales and supplies, organization of monitoring orders fulfillment; salary calculations; enterprise management accounts; registration and management of agreements; analytics regarding contractors, contracts, products, etc.

There are the following peculiarities in the system: a possibility to find logistics solutions with the increase of profits and decrease of expenses in the manufacturing process of an enterprise (planning, monitoring and managing manufacturing processes, storing, supplying and delivering goods or services to customers) on the basis of a centralized registration system and interaction with various customers on the basis of WEB-technologies.


The "Cerberus" program complex is designed for automation of the admission system in an organization and admission bureau among security department staff. It also serves for raising the management efficiency. The purposes of the system are as follows:

  • to organize the process of receipt of electronic requests for an access to objects. The receipt is fulfilled via WEB interface or e-mail;

  • to compose regulatory documents with accordance to the authority level of managers;

  • to sign regulatory documents, particularly, stating a denial, with a digital signature of a manager and their placement in the centralized data base of documents;

  • to place data bases on the server. To provide WEB interface for users (managers, inspectors) and functioning in 24/7 regime, to provide different users with on-line access to data bases of documents in the set period of time according to their level of authority;

  • to provide access to the data base of regulatory documents from objects' security points after the placement of documents in the data base;

  • to provide a possibility to analyze regulatory documents and requests submitted for a certain period of time by managers and administrative staff;

  • to provide security posts with a possibility to mark check-ins and check-outs at the control posts regarding the regulatory documents;

  • to provide a system development possibility considering the necessity of applying passport documents of new standards with a chip (according to international ISO and ICAO standards)

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